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Terms & conditions of hire:
1. Booking. Full payment is required before your booking is confirmed in our diary. A booking is deemed to be confirmed when you receive an email from us confirming receipt of payment. In the event that you subsequently cancel your booking, the payment is non-refundable except at our sole discretion and if we are able to re-book the Postbox for your booked date.
2. Loss. You must ensure that the Postbox is stored in a safe and secure place for the duration of your hire period. If the Postbox is lost whilst in your care (including the care of your venue staff) you will be liable for the full cost of replacing the Postbox, which is £500. If the key and/or storage bag are lost you will be liable for replacement item costs which are £20 and £75 respectively.
3. Damage. By hiring the Postbox you are agreeing to take good care of it whilst it is in your hands and to ensure that any third parties (e.g venue staff) do the same. Note that it is a delicate, heavy item and may require two people to lift it into place. If the Postbox is returned to us dirty, chipped or damaged, you will be responsible for the costs of repair. If it is damaged beyond repair the full replacement cost will be payable.
4. Delivery. If we are delivering the Postbox to your venue, we will leave it with venue staff for them to display where appropriate. Alternatively, if the room is set up when we deliver you may advise us in advance where you would like the Postbox displayed. The key will be left in the padded bag that the Postbox comes in. This will also be left with venue staff unless you advise us otherwise.
5. Return/Collection. If we are collecting the Postbox from your venue, you MUST ensure that it is available for us to collect from reception (or as otherwise agreed) at the pre-arranged time, as it is likely to be on hire again the following day. Please instruct venue staff that the Postbox must be made available for collection after your wedding and not taken to a bedroom or other inaccessible area. If it is not available for whatever reason, you will be liable for a further £45 hire cost plus any costs of us making further trip(s) to your venue to collect it. 
If you are returning the Postbox to us, you must ensure that it is returned at the pre-arranged time. We are flexible within reason but if a very late return impacts on another booking a further £45 hire charge will be payable for each day that it is late.
6. Liability. We are not responsible for injury or damage to persons or property howsoever sustained arising from the hire of the Postbox. The Postbox is a heavy item (20kg) and should be handled with appropriate care and placed on a surface/table capable of supporting it's weight.
7. Other. The Postbox will remain the absolute property of The Sussex Wedding Postbox and the customer shall not sell, offer to sell, underlet, lend or otherwise deal with the Postbox. In the very unlikely event that we are not able to fulfil your hire (e.g due to adverse weather, extenuating personal circumstances, or late return by a previous hirer) we will refund to you the full hire price paid.
This contract shall be governed by the courts of England.  


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