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The Sussex Wedding Postbox is a genuine, vintage cast iron Royal Mail Postbox manufactured in Machan, Scotland. Unlike most wedding postboxes advertised for hire (which are fibreglass replicas), the Sussex Wedding Postbox  is a fully original Royal Mail postbox that was once in public use.

The Royal Mail used to sell off its Postboxes to private collectors when they were no longer required, but this practice ended back in 2003. There are therefore now only a very limited number of these vintage items in private hands, and even fewer for hire.


The Sussex Wedding Postbox has been professionally restored and re-painted in a vintage white with silver lettering.  It is made from cast iron and weighs approximately 20kg, making it very stable and secure. Whilst it is a heavy item, it can generally be lifted by one strong person, or most comfortably by two people.

The measurements of the Postbox are 61cm tall x  32cm wide x 25cm deep.

It comes in its own special padded bag with handles so that it can be easily transported.

The Postbox comes complete with a personalised front plate, a ‘day plate’ for the day of the week that your Wedding falls on, and a key to allow you to collect the post at the end of the day!

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